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Google Chrome is yet another popular web browser used profusely across the globe. Majority of internet surfers use Chrome as their default web browser. Google made a lot of developments in its product, Chrome and made it better with every development. Recently, Google revamped the web browser which turned out to be different as compared to the previous versions. Google introduced the Chrome 69 as a web browser for all the devices with redesigned tabs and icons. Not only that, but Google also gave the option to the users to change the background.

It can be true that Google took a late step towards the development of the attractiveness of Chrome. There are various other browsers that come with the feature to put a picture on the background on the web browser’s homepage. Now, Google Chrome is one of those browsers which are enabling the users to put a picture on the homepage.

As compared to the other browsers, Chrome does not have the feature enabled by default. To enable the feature, one has to dig in the chrome a little and then you will be able to choose either a preinstalled or a custom picture from the device. The process is not complicated but asks a very minimal effort as there is no direct path or link to enable the feature. So let’s see how to enable the background picture option in Google Chrome.

How to set a new background on the Chrome homepage

  1. Open Chrome in your device.
  2. Now, go to the address bar and type chrome://flags.
  3. Now, press Enter from your keyboard.
  4. Go to the search bar and type Background.
  5. Again, press Enter.
  6. Begin to search the New Tab Page Background Selection.
  7. Click the drop-down arrow just right next to the option.
  8. Select Enabled from the drop-down menu.
  9. The Chrome will ask you to re-launch the browser. Select the Relaunch button appeared on the screen.
  10. Now, when you open the new tab in Google Chrome, you will notice a gear icon at the bottom right corner of the Chrome tab.
  11. Click the gear icon, and a menu will open with some options.
  12. Click Chrome backgrounds and select a picture from particular sections.
  13. Now, click Done and you will see the selected photo in the background of the Chrome homepage.
  14. If you want to put a custom image in the background, then you can select Upload an image. It will take you the device gallery or library to choose your favorite picture.
  15. Click the image and select Done. The image will appear in the background of the browser’s homepage.

With this feature offered by Google in its signature web browser, the user has an opportunity to make their internet software more attractive. Maybe Google will do some more development in the particular feature like selecting multiple images as a background of the homepage which will change automatically after a selected time gap. This may take a while, until then set your own custom image in the background of Chrome and make your web browser more decorated.

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