September 19, 2018 – Sign in to My Office Account to install Office Setup

If one has a Microsoft account, they will be able to get access to their Microsoft apps, and related services. Using just one account, one can log into Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Exchange, and so much more. In order to sign into the Microsoft user account, one needs to visit When the user logs in, they can download the setup for their Microsoft Office version purchased by them. In the event that a user formats their system and needs to reinstall the Office suite, they can get the setup from their Microsoft account.

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What sort of things can be accessed and done with a Microsoft My Account?

One can do a host of stuff with their Microsoft accounts. Here are some of them:

  • Download a copy of their Microsoft Office software.
  • See the MS Office installation status.
  • Users owning Microsoft Office 365 Home edition can share its subscription with others.
  • Arrange MS Office programs.
  • Check the available MS Office apps in the dashboard.
  • Deactivate Microsoft Office on any computer, laptop, phone or tablet.
  • Replenish the subscription for MS Office 365.
  • Configure the payment mode for MS Office plans and subscriptions.

Perks of having a Microsoft Office Account

  • Easily accessible

One of the most significant advantages of having a Microsoft account is that users can access all of their Microsoft related services online. If they wish to complete work, they can sign in to their accounts. The sophisticated tools allow users to collaborate and share documents and files with others easily. Users can log into OneDrive using their Microsoft account and sync all of their essential data. They can collaborate with peers on Skype by registering with their Microsoft account. Students can benefit from taking and sharing notes on MS OneNote app.

  • Never-ending Entertainment

If you are sick and tired of slogging all day at work or school, log in to your Microsoft account. Go to Xbox Live and play games. You can also chat with other game players. Go through the games that are available, download apps, play some music, watch a movie, and make use of the suggestions offered by Microsoft.

  • Hi-Tech Communication

Perhaps, after playing a game, you are in the mood to brag about your game score. Well, in that case, sign into Skype with your Microsoft account and video chat with your friends. You can also share the screen and have them watch you play the game in real-time. You do not have to worry about the phone bill to make long-distance calls, calls on Skype are made over the internet.

  • Customization and User-Friendliness

What makes Microsoft account so popular is that one can set up an account in a matter of seconds. After that, it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get familiar with the Microsoft account interface. Microsoft account is well-organized and sorted. Moreover, users can add a personal touch to their accounts by customizing it.

  • Online Security

When you have a Microsoft Account, you can sleep peacefully without the worry about security keeping you up. You can backup all your important files to OneDrive, and retrieve it as and when necessary. You can configure the privacy settings to bolster the security.

Steps to set up a Office Account

Here is the step by step procedure for creating a new Microsoft Account:

  1. In your web browser, visit
  2. Hit the Sign in button situated at the top right-hand edge of the screen.
  3. In the Sign in screen, hit the Sign Up Now link.
  4. Go to the Next page and key in the email ID.
  5. Now, type in a robust password.
  6. Re-type the same password and proceed to next.
  7. Enter all the details asked in the prompts.
  8. Open the inbox of the email and find the Microsoft verification mail.
  9. Click on the Verify Now link.
  10. Congrats! You have created a new Microsoft account.

Steps to Sign in to Microsoft Office

After creating a Microsoft account, users can access Microsoft Office. Here is how they can sign in to MS Office:

  1. Launch any Office app on the system by double-clicking on it.
  2. Open any older file or create a new file.
  3. Hit the File button located in the top left edge.
  4. Chose Account from the menu.
  5. Go to Sign in.
  6. Key in the Microsoft account password and email ID.
  7. Click on the Sign in button.

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Office account log in failure?

If you cannot log into your Microsoft Office, then apply the steps mentioned below:

  • At times users cannot sign in to their Microsoft Office accounts. Here is what they need to do:
  • Firstly, check if they are using the upgraded software. Update the system software if any updates are available.
  • See whether their Microsoft account has been hacked and check for any unusual activities.
  • Remove the saved sign-in credentials from the web browser.
  • Deleted the cached preferences.
  • Conduct an uninstallation and complete removal of Microsoft Office. After that, freshly install it.
  • Change the password for the Microsoft account.

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