How to Use One Mobile Number on Multiple Phones

You can use different phones with the same mobile number so that you can use them all when you are in different places like in the office and at home. This will make your work easier. On your home phone, you can store your personal things in it, and it cannot get mixed up with the official documents.

This is a great idea to connect your number with two different phones. When you use your office phone, you will see only office related documents, photos or any other things. If you use the same phone for both the purpose, then you will get confused with the personal and office documents.

By using one mobile number, you have to attain calls on different phones. But if both of the devices ring at the same time then you can’t answer both of them, then you have to select one of them.

There are some services which provide the same mobile numbers on multiple phones:

Google Voice

Google Voice provides you with a mobile number so that you can call, message and voicemail somebody. iPhone, Android, computer, tablet support this application. This app syncs all of your data so that you can use it anywhere whether you are in home or office.

All the dummy message or unwanted calls is automatically getting block through this application. Google Voice takes a backup of all your chats, calls and voicemail. It will show your group conversation from all the gadgets you are using.

The application will help you to make an international call, but it is only available in the United States. Making a call through Google Voice will show up on the Google Voice calls list.


This application has many functions.  If you create an account for only one user, then it will provide two telephone lines. It offers you the number located in the state where you live.

This application is not free, so you have to pay some money to use it.

Use Your Carrier

You can use this function in many phones by using the one mobile number in multiple phones.

You can send the incoming calls in different phones that are coming on the same mobile number.

You will find this same feature on most of the devices, even when a person is a video calling you can answer it on different devices that are iPhone, Andriod and Mac.

Download a Voice Calling Application

You can use any other voice calling app to call with one mobile number in multiple phones. Make sure that application should support your device. It helps you to receive calls from one number in different phones.

If the call is from your office you can attain it on your office phone or the call is from your home you can attain it on the home phone.

You can download the FreedomPop application which will provide you with a free mobile number that let you call on residence or mobile number in the United States.

Create an account there on any device to have a voice calls with two different devices.

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