How to Make YouTube Safer for Children?

Once upon a time kids used to spend their time gelling up with mates, gossiping about the school events and discussing the possibilities of the field trips. But kids today are different. They are glued to Youtube excessively, which is mostly innocent, but there is also an undiscussed dark side to it. It is possible to look for hate speech, profanity and adult content on the internet but with the help of Youtube, kids can also create, share and watch those videos. Parents today feel that Internet is a lifesaver to them. Youtube comes up with a vast amount of entertainment and educational content for almost everyone.

According to a recent estimate, children of age 8 and under are spending approximately 48 minutes a day on mobile and almost 2 hours 19 minutes with screens overall. None of the automated systems is perfect, but Youtube kids offer a few parental controls that may reduce the risk of your child stumbling across the objectionable content.

Here are a few tips that need to be followed to make YouTube for kids a bit less of a minefield.

Enable Restricted Mode on Youtube

Youtube asserts that so many people review its content. There are some steps that can be taken by parents to control the availability of content. To set restrictions:

  1. Login to your Youtube Account.
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. At the bottom of the page, you will see a reference to Restricted Mode.
  4. Click dropdown button and details regarding Restricted Mode will appear.
  5. Click on the On button, followed by the Save button.
  6. It will activate the Restricted Mode.

However, it will not lock the mode. If you want to do that, make sure to log out of your account. Now if your child will use this site, the settings will be set and unchangeable by them.

Youtube also offers a video enabling process of implementing YouTube controls.

Set Controls on YouTube Kids.

With the invention of Youtube kids, it was billed as a safe and easy way to find new videos. Youtube made a promise that content has been narrowed down to videos that are harmless for kids. The app also offers additional controls. Such as:

  • A set screen reminds users that no automated system of filtering is perfect.
  • There is a method for blocking and reporting inappropriate content.
  • The next setup screen asks is the users want Search On or Search Off.
  • Search On enables kids to search for videos beyond those on the home screen.
  • Search Off limits videos to the ones present on the home screen.

To further limit the app’s ability to discover content beyond what you have found to be appropriate, use slide control to pause watch history.

Add more layers of control

No system of filtering is perfect. Consider using these additional tools to help you in keeping your kids safe while being educated and entertained.

  1. Use a different parental control program. Most programmes offer the ability to do filtering of content. Some have added utility of allowing a set amount of interest time per day before shutting off the access.
  2. Use networks like OpenDNS that will help you in managing your Wi-Fi and access to the Internet. These services can provide additional levels of content filtering over parental control.

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