How to Fix Speaker Problem in iOS 11

iOS 11 operating system is the eleventh major release of Apple. Apple has updated so many features and enhancements in iOS 11 that include a more proactive and intelligent Siri, an all-new App Store, a much more customizable Control Center with new options and settings, combined lock screen and Notification Center, etc.

iOS 11 has fantastic features but beside this, it has also brought many users in trouble. They undergo several different kinds of issues. Speaker problem is one of that from the list. The reason may be any software or hardware issue.

Here are some easy solutions you can try if your iPhone Speaker is not working in iOS 11:

  1. Check if your iPhone is in Headphone Mode.
  2. Increase the Volume to the maximum.
  3. Turn On & off Airplane Mode.
  4. Turn Off ‘Bluetooth.’
  5. Force ‘Restart’ your iPhone.
  6. Disable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

Check if your iPhone is in Headphone Mode.

One of the reasons behind speaker problem is maybe your device is on Headphone Mode. Maybe your device is showing that headphone is connected when there is nothing inserted into the headphone jack. This is because of some debris and gunk in the port. To solve this:

  1. Press the ‘Volume’ button and see the notification. If it is showing volume for headphone means your device is on headphone mode.
  2. Check the headphone port.
  3. If you find any debris or something, use a toothbrush to clean it.

Increase the Volume to the maximum.

This is the basic thing you should check when there is any sound or speaker problem. Also, make sure that your iPhone device is not on ‘Silent’ mode.

  1. Open ‘settings.’
  2. Tap on ‘Sound.’
  3. Increase the volume to maximum, under the ‘Ringer and alerts’ section.

Turn On & off Airplane Mode.

Turning On & off Airplane mode can help you to get rid of this problem. You can do this directly from the control center and also from ‘Settings.’

From the control center:

  1. Swipe up screen bottom to open control center.
  2. Now, Tap on ‘Airplane icon,’ to turn the airplane mode on and off.

From ‘Settings’:

  1. Launch ‘Settings.’
  2. Toggle the switch button of ‘Airplane Mode’ to turn it on.
  3. Again toggle it to turn off after few seconds.

Turn Off ‘Bluetooth.’

Still, your iPhone speaker is not working, then check your iPhone Bluetooth, if it is on then turn off it. You can also do this both from the control center and in settings.

To do this from the control center:

  1. Swipe up screen bottom to open control center.
  2. And tap on ‘Bluetooth’ to turn it off.

To do this From ‘Settings’:

  1. Launch ‘Settings.’
  2. Tap on ‘Bluetooth.’
  3. Now, toggle off the ‘Bluetooth’ switch.

Force ‘Restart’ your iPhone.

Force restart is always the best remedy for any major and minor issue of an iOS device. Here is how you can force restart your iPhone to fix speaker issue.

  1. Press the ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ button together.
  2. Continue pressing the button for 10 sec.
  3. When you see the Apple logo on your screen, release the buttons.

How to disable ‘Do not disturb’ mode?

When your device is on ‘Do not disturb’ mode, alerts for a call and other notifications will be silent. A moon icon will appear in the notification bar.

  1. Go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Open ‘Do not disturb.’
  3. Just turn it off.

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