Complete Guide to Unpairing and Restoring Apple Watch

Do you want to sell or give away your Apple Watch? Well, before you do so, you should ensure that it does not have any of your personal information, and can no longer be paired with your iPhone or iPad. Also, restore your watch to factory default settings before giving it away. Let’s check out the process to unpair your watch from the Watch app.

Steps for unpairing the Apple Watch from the Watch app

  1. Unlock your iPhone and locate the Apple Watch app.
  2. Tap on the Apple Watch app.
  3. When the app opens, touch the active watch located on the upper side of the My Watch screen.
  4. Touch the info option located next to the present watch.
  5. Now, choose the option: Unpair Apple Watch.
  6. When prompted to confirm the action, tap on Unpair (name of the watch).
  7. Watch owners having a cellular service can select whether they want to Keep or Remove their plan.
  8. Just turn off Activation Lock. You will have to enter the password for your Apple ID and tap on the Unpair option.
  9. Now, the smartwatch will start to back up all the current watch data to the iPhone.
  10. When this process is over, the smartwatch will get unpaired from your present phone.
  11. Remove the Bluetooth accessory pairings, if any.
  12. Delete all the Apple Pay cards, if added.
  13. Also, erase the passcode stored in it.
  14. After that, the Apple Watch will get restored to its factory settings.
  15. When this process is over, you can create a backup of the present iPhone in order to ensure that the data contained in your Apple Watch remains protected.

Backing up the Apple Watch will not take more than a couple of minutes. After that, get done with the syncing and wiping process. When these processes are over, the smartwatch will get restored to the factory settings.

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