5 Popular Kid Singers who were Uncovered on Youtube

Everything began through YouTube for these kids. YouTube gives you the opportunity to upload any song on it. YouTube served as the launching platform for many aspiring musicians and singers. YouTube has helped many of them in gaining popularity and turned their aspirations to a professional career. There are plenty of singers who were discovered Read more about 5 Popular Kid Singers who were Uncovered on Youtube[…]

Best Apps for a Hassle-free Christmas

Technology has drastically simplified man’s life. It is easy to find every imaginable app available on the store when it comes to increasing your productivity and making things happen fast. At the same time, the holiday season can be a rather stressful time for many people. With all the family coming to visit and every Read more about Best Apps for a Hassle-free Christmas[…]

Most Common Windows 10 Your Phone App Issues and How to Fix Them

If you have a Windows 10 computer, then you must be aware that several apps come preset with it. And these apps may stop working from time to time. The Your Phone app is inbuilt into the OS, and it allows users to access their photos, notifications, and transfer texts conveniently. All of this happens Read more about Most Common Windows 10 Your Phone App Issues and How to Fix Them[…]

Alternatives to Windows 10 Photos App

With the advent of Windows10, Microsoft has replaced the good old Windows Photo Viewer with a new photos app. Many users are not too happy with this app. It’s messed up and takes a lot of time to load images. If Photos app isn’t accessible and you want its alternatives, then you need to follow Read more about Alternatives to Windows 10 Photos App[…]

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