Best Apps for a Hassle-free Christmas

Technology has drastically simplified man’s life. It is easy to find every imaginable app available on the store when it comes to increasing your productivity and making things happen fast.

At the same time, the holiday season can be a rather stressful time for many people. With all the family coming to visit and every preparation that needs to be made – it can all take a toll on the person responsible to manage everything. Such stressful times have people wondering ‘isn’t there an app to make Christmas time easier?’

Well, your wish is our command! Here are a few apps that can help you have a hassle-free Christmas:

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

Kids can be really exhausting around the Christmas time. Since they have holiday from school and have all the pent-up excitement for the holidays, it can be rather tough to manage them while balancing other tasks. Thus, it is important to have an immersive gaming app that can keep them engaged for hours.

This is where ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ steps in. It is a story-based game where Charlie Brown and his troupe set out to find the true meaning of Christmas. The gameplay is narrated by Peter Robbins, who voiced Charlie Brown in real life! The interactive story/game will have the kids off your back.

  • The Christmas List

If you believe in the power of organization, you very well know the importance of maintaining lists. In the hustle bustle of the festival, it is quite possible that you may forget to purchase something important – such as Christmas gifts! Even though online shopping has made making purchases a lot simpler, it is still highly possible to overlook a family member.

Thus, you need to have an app that keeps a record of all your Christmas shopping on your behalf. In this app, you can make a list of all the individuals for whom you need to buy a gift. You can even set aside a budget as per each gift. Whether you buy the stuff online or actually visit the store, a planned out list will ensure that nobody is left out.

  • Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide by Food52

When it comes to the holidays, it is all about the lip-smacking food. Thus, it is imperative that you own a cookery app that can help you navigate the tricky waters of how you can make the delicious items. This app not only contains recipes for Christmas but covers a range of traditional recipes and preparations for various events such as New Year’s, Hanukkah, Easter, Super Bowl, etc.

The most mind-blowing feature in the app is the HD video of the building of the gingerbread house that lasts 24 hours!!! Apart from getting a one-stop resource for all your holiday recipes, you can even participate in weekly recipe contests or participate in a live quiz for goodies!

  • ElfYourself

What is a holiday without dorky photos of you, your family, and friends? To add a fun quotient to plain old holiday photos, you can make use of the ElfYourself app. This app will have you rolling on the floor laughing quite literally! Click a selfie to replace an elf with your face. You can do this for 5 people in one go, so using this app, you can have a quirky family photo.

Once you have clicked and replaced all the 5 elf faces, all you have to do is select a dance theme and your cartoon-like elves will be dancing in no time! You can even share these hilarious videos over social media.

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