Alternatives to Windows 10 Photos App

With the advent of Windows10, Microsoft has replaced the good old Windows Photo Viewer with a new photos app. Many users are not too happy with this app. It’s messed up and takes a lot of time to load images.

If Photos app isn’t accessible and you want its alternatives, then you need to follow a few tips. Photo browsing needs to be an effortless task, Windows10 tools offer the same. Tools are simple, fast and useful.

1- XnView

It is an excellent alternative to windows photos. The tool is similar to the FastStone Image Viewer according to design. It although doesn’t have as the feature as FastStone. It supports tab browsing, means you can view multiple images simultaneously. It sustains like 500 image formats and also features essential editing tools like, resize, crop, etc. It also has various layouts.

2- Faststone Image Viewer

If you have used Picasa, you will be familiar with a FastStone image viewer. It supports an array of picture formats like JPEG, RAW, PSD, PNG, etc. This tool is faster than Windows Explorer. When you open the application, it shows all the folders and images. The image is opened in full view. The tool is having all the options and features present on four sides of an image. Move the mouse towards each side, and you will unearth a bunch of photo editing. Highlights will be, blur, crop, rotate and putting color effects.

3- Irfan View

The oldest yet convenient photos viewer is IrfanView. It’s a quick and simple photo editor tool. If you used it once, you would use it for years; Reason is that it is easy useful and straightforward. After downloading this tool, you will find two shortcuts, IrfanView and the IrfanView thumbnails. Use the second one. The image will open in the real device. It also supports other features such as slideshows, batch editing, etc.

4- PowerSoft Photo Viewer

It is slightly different from the rest of the photos app. It doesn’t support folder view, but once you open an image, it shows thumbnails of all the other pictures too.

5- Nomacs

It can be called as the open source hidden gem. When you start to play, you will discover all the right things about it. It doesn’t support folder view by default. You have to enable the folder and thumbnails from the settings. This also promotes essential photo editing tools such as flip, rotate and crop.

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