How to Delete All Amazon Alexa Recordings

Amazon Alexa stores all your voice commands on its servers. Amazon Alexa is known for sharing private conversations. It is unofficially confirmed that it is a bug, but no one wants to get scrutinized on their home at least. If you are concerned about your privacy, you should wipe those voice recordings. Amazon has provided Read more about How to Delete All Amazon Alexa Recordings[…]

Set a New Background on Chrome Homepage

Google Chrome is yet another popular web browser used profusely across the globe. Majority of internet surfers use Chrome as their default web browser. Google made a lot of developments in its product, Chrome and made it better with every development. Recently, Google revamped the web browser which turned out to be different as compared Read more about Set a New Background on Chrome Homepage[…]

Different Ways to Upload Files to Dropbox

Dropbox has existed for a long time, and it is one of the best and easy to use online storage services. It is incredibly easy to synchronize and upload files, documents, pictures, etc. to Dropbox and share them with anyone. You can also access these saved files from anywhere around the world. There area few Read more about Different Ways to Upload Files to Dropbox[…]

How to Merge Hard Drives in Windows

Keeping multiple hard drives in a computer can make it difficult to find the files and folder quickly. Sometimes it becomes very difficult that the folder we are looking for remains unnoticeable while it is on the screen. Not only this, the multiple hard drives fill up quickly hence leaving less space for other application Read more about How to Merge Hard Drives in Windows[…]

Alternatives to Windows 10 Photos App

With the advent of Windows10, Microsoft has replaced the good old Windows Photo Viewer with a new photos app. Many users are not too happy with this app. It’s messed up and takes a lot of time to load images. If Photos app isn’t accessible and you want its alternatives, then you need to follow Read more about Alternatives to Windows 10 Photos App[…]

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